Sunday, 13 June 2010


Sunday, the day after our arrival, we went on a guided tour of Badgastein. This is the second higest (longest?) waterfall in Austria, running right through the three plateaus of the village (it's built on very steep ground, so most of the time you're either going uphill or downhill). This is the view from the top level at 1,240 metres above sea level.



And this is the view from the middle level, or Mittelstation as the locals call it. Almost everything here is closed on Sundays, except for the gas station, which is why they carry a small assortment of foods and drinks.


And this is the view from the bottom level of the village at 840 metres - told you the whole village tilts! The waterfall itself continues below this point.

Villa Orania

Badgastein, Austria

Tired of roughing it in youth hostels and cheap hotels, this year I decided to go for luxury - after all, these days I can afford it but mostly I find that I still live as if I'm on a tight budget like when I first started off my career in the hotel business.

We (my mother and I) didn't see much of the building on the evening of our arrival (some time after 9 pm) but the next morning we were rather impressed with the garden, and the statues, and the building, and the...

Tuesday, 1 June 2010