Thursday, 31 January 2008

31 January 2008

Not my picture this time either, but one from an Austrian stationery deliverer.

I love it! I got one at work, and I absolutely love it!

It sits very comfortably in your hand, like scissors. It removes a staple with one swift squeeze - and best of all, it makes no damage at all to the paper you are removing the staple from!

While I was googling for an online picture, I came across what I think is the gadget that this one originated from: surgical skin staple removers. Now, it makes perfect sense that you'd want the removing of staples to make as little as possible and preferrably no damage to the skin, right? So why not apply the same technique to an office tool?

And yes, I confess - I'm an office gadget freak!


Anonymous said...

Still waiting with expectation :-)


Anonymous said...

Gör ett nytt försök att lämna en kommentar :o) Man ger ju inte upp så lätt....
// Kalle från Fa